Perform & Recover

Preventative and Post-Rehabilitation Services for Performance




Body Work



Get your PR with Penn Ohio!

Perform & Recover is a program developed for performance.  You will work with a PR Body Expert who will help you develop and integrative, comprehensive and personalized program to help you feel better, move better, and recover faster to perform at your best.

Our PR Body Experts are a mix of licensed Physical Therapists, Physical Therapist Assistants, Fitness Professionals and Massage Therapists.  They have a deep understanding of the human body and movement. 

What does a Perform & Recover session include?

Your PR Body Expert will perform an assessment and body work, lead you through performance and recovery exercises and provide you with the most current, innovated recovery technology to help you get to your next PR. 

Body work includes stretching, range of motion, mobilizations and manual techniques to address any impairments that you may have that are preventing your body from performing at an optimal level.

Recovery Tech may include:

-Dry Needling

-Normatec Compression


-Infared Sauna

-Blood Flow Restriction Therapy


-Electric Stimulation

Perform & Recovery is a cash based program, however insurance can be accepted if applicable.  Please see cash base page for pricing. 


Running Analysis Available

Running analysis are also available as part of our PR program. An analysis allows you to see components of movement, such as your stride length and foot contact placement.  It also allows you to see where your joints may note be supporting you adequately, as well as where there are poorly controlled movements. Three of the most common issues are overstriding, excessive vertical body translation and insufficient arm swing.  By addressing abnormal movements your running efficiency, endurance and speed will improve, along with reducing your risk of injuries.