Blood Flow Restriction Therapy (BFR)

An Innovative Training Method for Muscle Development


Reduce Pain


Improve strength


Recover Faster

What is Blood Flow Restriction Therapy?

BFR is a rehabilitative technique involving the use of pressurized cuffs places around the limbs for a brief and intermittent restriction of blood flow during exercise.  As a result, we are able to exercise at lower loads and reduced intensity thus decreasing stress on injury and aiding in more efficient recovery times than typical training. 

Why BFR?

-Preserve muscle mass and strength during inactivity due to post-op precautions, pain, bracing, etc.

-Improve bone density and function following fracture

-Increase muscle strength and size

-Reduce stress on injured joint/tissues with BFR exercise

-Improve aerobic capacity

-Reduce recovery times

-Eliminate pain and prepare for return to work/sport

*BFR research has been successful at each of the above points all while performing low load resistance and low intensity exercise.


Since adding BFR to my exercise routine I have noticed a positive change in muscle strength withiout the wear and tear on my joints. – Adam H.

Is Blood Flow Restriction Safe?

BFR has been found to be safe when applied under the guidance of a healthcare professional while utilizing specific pressures relative to cuff width and the individuals limb circumference which is obtained by measuring limb occlusion pressures via Doppler.  Our clinics utilize SmartCuffs FDA approved products.

Who can benefit from BFR ?

Nearly anyone can benefit from utilizing the basic principles of BFR and a proper evaluation from your Physical Therapist.  Whether you are limited to bed rest or rehabbing after and injury to return to sport, there are indications to support the use of BFR to build strength, improve aerobic capacity and aid in quicker recovery. 


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