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Break the Pain Cycle with Aquatic Therapy


Increase Circulation


Decrease Joint Stress


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What is Aquatic Therapy?

Aquatic therapy is evidence based physical therapy provided in a pool.  Being in the water gives patients the opportunity to rehabilitate and develop functional muscles when land exercises are too painful or even impossible.

Our body’s have natural buoyancy, that decreases gravity’s pull on the body when submerged.  In chest deep water our body is only bearing half of its weight.  This can cushion stiff or painful joints.

Water has a natural resistance, forcing patients to use their muscles in gentle, slow, sweeping movements. Water has about 12 times more resistance than air, which translates to a more valuable exercise routine. 

Our 3″M” Approach to Aquatic PT

Break the pain cycle with an alternative approach to traditional physical therapy by our 3 “M” Aquatic Program. 

“M”otivation- We believe in a positive approach to achieve the best results. 

“M”ovement- We use continual movement and the natural resistance of the water to improve strength, mobility, endurance and flexibility.

“M”anual- Our active aquatic programs are supplemented with a hands on approach. 



"The pool has been so helpful in my rehabilitation process. It changed my life for the better!"- Brian L.

What is Breaking the Pain Cycle?

Have you ever been in pain and were fearful to move because the pain would worsen? Or that you would cause more damage? Did you ever think that not moving could be bad? This fear avoidance behavior can actually cause more pain. In fact, avoidance of movement can also increase one’s stress and alter one’s central nervous system leading to decreased healing. 

Aquatic therapy can help by providing a warm and comforting environment that will allow your muscles to relax, while decreasing the stress on your injured joints.  This will allow for  targeted movements and strengthening, which in turns reduces pain and stops the fear avoidance behavior.  

What Condition Can Be Treated With Aquatic Physical Therapy ?

Aquatic therapy is one of the most frequently used pain relief technique which helps in treating a wide range of injuries and illnesses. Some common conditions treated with aquatic therapy are arthritis, post surgical recovery, fibromyalgia, back pain, hip pain, knee pain, ankle injuries, shoulder pain and gait dysfunctions.


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