Group fitness classes are on the rise across the United States. Why do so many people continually engage in group fitness? Because there are so many benefits to be gained! We’ve listed a few of our favorites for you.

It’s Wallet Friendly!

Personal trainers are an amazing asset for your fitness regimen, but the cost of continual personal training can become expensive. Group fitness courses cost far less than working one-on-one with a trainer, but you still get the benefit of having a trainer show you all the movements and monitor your progress. Not to mention, those who exercise regularly are shown to be healthier overall than those who do not which can save you money on healthcare.

Maximize Your Motivation!

In group fitness classes, you are working with not only a trainer, but more like-minded and hardworking people who can push you to the next level through a tiny bit of competition, camaraderie and encouragement. Working out with others has been shown to increase motivation and in-turn, results!

Banish Boredom!

Try new workouts like PiYo, yoga, boot camp, Crossfit, and more! Whatever you might be interested in, chances are you can find a class near you or encourage someone to start one. In addition to learning something new, the pace of group fitness classes plus the energy of the instructor makes the time spent exercising extra fun and can even help you forget how hard you are working.

Keeps You Accountable!

At group fitness classes, you will meet fellow exercisers who can help keep you accountable. Working out alongside people who share your motivation and desire to be fit can encourage you to work hard in class and keep coming back week after week.

It’s Safe for People of all Fitness Levels!

When beginning a new or different fitness routine, instructors will be able to help explain and model what you’re doing, how to do it, and what you should be feeling. This ensures you are working with proper form to avoid injury. Instructors will also offer modifications that allow participants at a variety of fitness levels to exercise with options that vary in difficulty.

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