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5 Tips for Weekend Warriors

Weekend Warrior: (noun) a person who partakes in physically tasking activities on the weekends or in his or her free time, but may not be in great physical shape due to lack of regular exercise and training. Because weekend warriors often jump right into their...

Aquatic Exercise Can Help You

Did you know our Hermitage location features a pool that is available for therapy, exercise classes and open pool time?  Water-based exercise is a fun way to add variety to your fitness regimen! Whether you enjoy swimming laps, treading water, walking or running under...

The Benefits of Group Fitness

Group fitness classes are on the rise across the United States. Why do so many people continually engage in group fitness? Because there are so many benefits to be gained! We've listed a few of our favorites for you. It's Wallet Friendly! Personal trainers are an...

Gardening with care to avoid injury

Gardening is fun, great exercise, and something you can do at any age! Some yard work like raking and carrying leaves will improve your endurance and strength, while other gardening activities can help increase and maintain flexibility. It's also great for your mind!...

LSVT Big & Loud Making a Difference

What do our clients have to say about LSVT BIG & LOUD? "My self-confidence is restored and this has truly changed my life for the better."   “LSVT gave me my life back!” Penn Ohio Rehabilitation is the only place between Pittsburgh and Cleveland to...

PiYo Added to Fitness Programs

You may know about our popular yoga and bootcamp classes and we are thrilled to see the progress our clients are making as they continue to work on getting more flexible, stronger and all-around healthier! To help more people achieve their fitness goals and perhaps...

Your Choice is Clear

No Referral Needed

Although insurance plans differ, anyone can arrange an evaluation by a physical therapist without a physician's referral or prescription.

You Have Options

Your doctor may recommend a place for you to have physical therapy but you have options and can choose where you would like to go for physical therapy. 

We Are Here for You

Rest assured that we are here to help you. From your first to your last day, we will do our best to provide you with a superior physical therapy experience and get you back to living life.

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