Performance Training

The Penn-Ohio Rehabilitation Performance Enhancement Program is an individualized, systematic and progressive program that goes beyond traditional strength, conditioning and training techniques. Performance Enhancement improves an athlete’s strength, flexibility and endurance with static and dynamic exercises tailored to meet sport-specific demands. The program is designed to identify each athlete’s specific goals and needs and then design a regimen to achieve these goals.

The Performance Enhancement program consists of:

  • An initial interview to identify the athlete’s stated goals, followed by a performance evaluation to objectively quantify athletic skills at inception in order to provide a baseline for measurable improvements.
  • Customized exercise and work-out programs tailored to each athlete’s individual goals.
  • Scheduled follow-up evaluations designed to track and chart the athlete’s progress in order to modify or adapt the program as needed.
  • Supervision and guidance under the direction of experienced athletes and healthcare professionals.
  • Flexibility in scheduling to accommodate varying degrees of participation to meet specific needs.

Performance Enhancement Programs

Strength & Conditioning strength

This program has been designed to train you to become a stronger and faster you. We have developed this program to teach safe, proper mechanics to decrease your risk of serious season or career ending injury while improving your overall athletic performance.

Speed & Agility

Athletes require speed and agility to excel at their sports. Improving speed and the ability to rapidly change directions while maintaining body control and balance.

ACL Tear Prevention

With the growing incidence of ACL tears, we have developed an ACL Tear Prevention Program to  help keep our local athletes in the game. This involves individual/team screening and program  development to decrease your risk of ACL injury.

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